TimoLink TX Wireless DMX Transmitter


The Godox TimoLink TX and TimoLink RX is a wireless DMX transmitter and receiver systems designed to wirelessly transmit DMX signals to either Godox or other light fixtures with DMX control capabilities. The TimoLink TX transmitter converts a wired DMX console into wireless, by sending signals to CRMX-compatible fixtures (such as the Godox Knowled MG1200Bi, and the Knowled TP series), or any fixture with a TimoLink receiver plugged into it. The TimoLinkTX and TimoLink RX are perfect for filmmaking, broadcasting, theatrical lighting, or any other situation where wireless DMX is required.


Input Parameter:
5V - 280mA
Signal Indicator Colours:
Power Supply:
USB Type-C
Compatible Models:
DMX512 Controller, DMX240 Controller (Not Compatible with new Sunny 512 Controller)
DMX Plug Rotation:
Controlling Distance:
300m (In an open area)
Working Temperature:
-20 ~ 45°C
141 x96 x 26mm
Net. Weight:

What’s In The Box:

1x TimoLink TX Transmitter