SF6090 Professional Foldable & Versatile Flag Complete Kit


Unlike traditional flag panels with their large, fixed frames, the SF6090 Professional Foldable & Versatile Scrim Flag Kit Godox features three-sided collapsible steel frames, which can be folded down to fit into a small carry case for easy transportation, and hassle-free storage. These flags include 5x different types of fabric, enabling you to blockdiffuse, or reduce the light hitting your subject, giving you access to the ultimate light control system. The frame is also open-ended, so there is nothing to cast a shadow when used with the diffusion silks or net screens. This kit consists of 5x flag frames, and 5x different types of fabric cover to put onto the frames. The SF6090 Professional Foldable & Versatile Flag kit also comes with 2x small circular flags (Dot Flags), and 2x small rectangular flag panels (Finger Flags) for use with smaller subjects or for fine-tuning the lighting. The SF6090 foldable & versatile flag kit is perfect for cinematographers and photographers that are looking for a quick and easy solution for controlling their lighting.


Flag Dimensions:
Finger-Flag Dimensions:
Dot Flag Diameter:

What’s In The Box:

5x Foldable Flag Frames
1x Single Black Net Fabric
1x Double Black Net Fabric
1x 1-Stop Silk Diffuser Fabric
1x 2-Stop Silk Diffuser Fabric
1x Solid Black Fabric
1x Solid Black Mini Dot Flag
1x Single Net Mini Dot Flag
1x Solid Mini Finger Flag
1x Single Net Mini Finger Flag
1x Carry Case