SB-BW6090 60x90cm (2'X3') Rectangular Softbox (Non-Recessed)


The Godox SB-BW6090 60x90 Rectangular Video Softbox For Photography is a versatile and affordable light modifier, designed to produce beautifully soft, directional lighting. This softbox features a highly reflective interior, which helps to maximise light efficiency, all whilst producing beautiful directional lighting, with natural-looking fall-off. The Godox Softbox 60x90cm ships in a slim profiled carrying case and can be assembled in a couple of minutes. This versatile rectangular softbox can be used for a wide range of shooting scenarios, such as still life, portrait, commercial, fashion, beauty, lifestyle, food, product, or macro photography.


Softbox Dimension: 60 x 90 cm
35 cm
Bowens S-Type

Box Content: 

1x 60x90 cm Softbox + Speed Ring
1x Inner diffuser
1x Outer diffuser
4x Frame Pole
1x Carry Bag