P600BHSSS Space Light Softbox For KNOWLED P600BI


The GODOX P600BHSSS Cylinder Softbox Light is designed for use with the KNOWLED P600Bi Broadcast quality LED Panel. This silver-lined Skirtrestricts the spread of light, allowing it to only be focused downwards. When not in use, the P600BHSS Lantern Diffuser can be folded down to about one-third of its size and packed into its round carry case when not in use. The P600BHSS Cylinder Softbox Light is perfect for cinematographers,  Independent Filmmakers, Videographers, and Photographers who are looking for a compact solution capable of lighting large spaces evenly or would like to boost the ambient light in their shooting environment for more natural-looking results


Modifier Type: Cylindrical Skirt Softbox
Compatible With:
Godox KNOWLED P600Bi
Mount Type:
Carabiner Clips

What’s In The Box:

1x P600BHSS Skirt Softbox for KNOWLED P600BI