P120-G Honeycomb Grid For Godox QR-P120 Parabolic Softbox


This P120-G Godox Honeycomb Grid is designed for use with the QR-P120 Parabolic softbox, enabling you to restrict the spread of light, producing images with more contrast. It also prevents light from spilling onto areas of your set that you don’t want the light to hit, such as on your background, etc. It also reduces the likelihood of getting lens flare if the light is pointed toward the camera. The P120-G Honeycomb Grid is ideal for commercial, fashion, beauty, food, product, and portrait photography ideal for the travelling mobile on-location photographer. Also great for Cinematographers and Independent filmmakers.


Designed for use with:
Godox QR-P120 Parabolic Softbox
Grid Size:
Attachment Method:

What’s In The Box:

1x P120-G Honeycomb Grid for GODOX QR-P90 Parabolic Softbox