ML-CD15 Silicone Rubber Omni-Directional Diffusion Sphere


The PiXAPRO/GODOX ML-CD15 Silicone Omni-Directional Globe Diffusion converts the harsh light of a bare-bulb flash or COB LED light into a soft, diffused Omni-directional light, ideal for photographing or filming on-location or at weddings or events.  It is also great for illuminating small spaces for real estate photography. The ML-CD15 is made from Silicone Rubber, making it super-flexible and enabling you to get multiple light qualities, such as full 360° Omnidirectional lighting, wide 180° lighting, or harder more dramatic lighting, all from the same modifier. The ML-CD15 comes with a range of different mounting adapters, allowing it to be used with either a traditional Speedlite, a roundhead Speedlite, or Flash and LED lights with a GODOX Fitting. This modifier is perfect for photographers and videographers who often shoot on location, shoot weddings or events, or for people who just want a small discreet modifier for their light.


Material: Silicone Rubber
Godox, Round-head and Speedlite
Weight (With Mount Adapter):
Approx. 235g
Box Weight:
Box Specifications:
  Approximately Height: 15cm Width: 15cm Length: 10cm

Box Content:

1x ML-CD15 Diffusion Sphere
1x Godox Mount Adapter
1x Round Head Mount Adapter
1x Speedlite Mount Adapter