Knowled TP2R 2' Pixel Tube Light


The Godox KNOWLED TP2R Pixel RGB Tube Light is a special type of cinematic light tube, that enables you to simulate realistic cinematic lighting effects using either a single tube or an array of lights used together like a large light panel. Unlike other RGBWW light tubes, the TP2R features controllable pixels that can be programmed and mapped using special software to project a video to illuminate your subject for the ultimate realism in your lighting. This makes it perfect for cinematographers and filmmakers, who want to simulate a certain type of lighting. The KNOWLED TP2R Pixel RGB Tube Light is also great for use as practical lighting to make the job of video compositors and VFX artists a little easier, enabling them to create realistic-looking effects that won’t ruin your audience’s viewing experience. With a variable colour temperature of between 2000K and 10,000K, as well as 360 selectable hues, the possibilities are virtually endless. With a plethora of professional control options including DMXWireless CRMX, and LumenRadio, the KNOWLED TP series pixel tubes can be easily integrated into any professional pipeline with the greatest of ease. 


DC Inputs:
20V = 1.6A
Max. Power:
Lithium Battery:
14.4V 3000mAh
Power Supplies:
DC/Lithium Battery/V-Mount Battery (Note: Vmount battery should be 14.8V or 26V 100Wh or above (Sold separately)).
Number of Pixels:
Battery Life:
Approx 120m on fill-power
Charging Times:
Approx. 150m
Waterproof Grade:
Average TLCI:
Average CRI:
Colour Temperature Range:
5 Modes: CCT mode, HSI mode, RGB mode, Gel Mode, FX mode
FX Types:
Controlling Methods:
DMX512, Bluetooth App, CRMX control, EDM controls, and On-board controls
Bluetooth Control Distance:
Approx. 30m
Wireless Control Distance:
Approx. 150m
Working Environment Temperature:
-10°C - 40°C
Net. Weight:

What’s In The Box:

1x TP2R Pixel Light Tube
1x Power Cable
1x Power Adapter
2x Screw Bolt
2x Steel Rope
1x Clamp
1x Carry Bag