KNOWLED M300Bi 330W High-Powered Bi-Colour LED Studio Light


The GODOX KNOWLED M300Bi is an Ultra-powerful 330W Bi-Colour LED Studio Light fixture, which has Class-Leading performance, designed to launch your productions to new heights. Featuring a highly robust, build-quality, with intuitive controls, the M300Bi is the answer to every Lighting  Gaffer and Cinematographer’s dreams. The M300Bi has a CRI of 96+ and a TLCI of 97+, making it suitable for broadcast usage. The M300Bi is also Bi-Colour, which gives you the ability to adjust the colour temperature anywhere between 2800 and 6500K. This enables you to set the mood of your lighting or to match the ambient lighting in your sceneWith the option to control them remotely using the Wireless RC-A6 Remote control, or via the GODOX Light App, the creative possibilities with the M300Bi are virtually endless. The perfect lighting solution for large TV and BroadcastingFilmmaking and Cinematography, as well as for Theatrical Stage Show productions.


Power Output:
Brightness @2800K (Bare Bulb):
- 9,960lx @1m
- 2,470lx @2m
- 1,170lx @3m
Brightness @2800K (With Reflector)
- 103,000lx @1m
- 21,700lx @2m
- 9,310lx @3m
Brightness @3200K (Bare Bulb):

- 11,400lx @1m
- 2,820lx @2m
- 1,330lx @3m
Brightness @3200K (With Reflector):

- 118,000lx @1m
- 25,000lx @2m
- 10,700lx @3m
Brightness @4300K (Bare Bulb):

- 12,900lx @1m
- 3,230lx @2m
- 1,520lx @3m
Brightness @4300K (With Reflector):

- 135,000lx @1m
- 28,900lx @2m
- 12,400lx @3m
Brightness @5600K (Bare Bulb):

- 13,400lx @1m
- 3,350lx @2m
- 1,570lx @3m
Brightness @5600K (With Reflector):

- 134,000lx @1m
- 30,200lx @2m
- 12,900lx @3m
Brightness @6500K (Bare Bulb):

- 13,300lx @1m
- 3,310lx @2m
- 1,550lx @3m
Brightness @6500K (With Reflector):

- 139,000lx @1m
- 30,300lx @2m
- 12,900lx @3m
Controller Power Supply Input (Mains):
Controller Power Supply Input (Battery):
V-Lock Battery Input Parameters:
14.8V, 150Wh / 26V, 270Wh
32 (1-32)
16 (0-9, A-F)
Colour Temperature:
Working Temperature:
-20°C – 40°C
Lighting Effects:
21 kinds within 7 Variations
Control Methods:
DMX512, RC-A6 2.4GHz Remote Bluetooth App
Dimming Curves:
4 Types – (Linear, S-Curve, Exponential Curve, Logarithmic Curve)
Mute Mode:
Wireless Remote Working Distance:
≈ 60m
Bluetooth Working Distance:
Display Size:
2.4 inches
Light Dimensions:
425.3mm x 232.3mm x 141.7mm
Controller Dimensions:
270.4mm x 123.6mm x 132mm
Light Fixture Weight:
Controller Weight:
Bluetooth Frequency:
2,402.00 – 2,480.00MHz
Max. Transmission Power:

What’s In The Box:

1x M300Bi LED Light Head
1x Controller Module
1x Pro Reflector
1x Power Cable
1x Connecting Cable
1x Controller Clamp (LAS19 & LSA03)
1x Lamp Cover
1x Fixed Rope
1x Carry Case