Godox S60Bi K-3 Three-Head 60W Variable-Colour Focusable Dimmable LED Video Light Kit


The GODOX S60Bi K3 Focusable Dimmable LED Light kit is a 60W 2800K~6500K Variable-Colour light source that gives you the ability to continuously vary the beam angle anywhere between 6° and 55°. This enables you to either throw the light over a greater distance or flood an area with light. This compact, lightweight LED light features an optical lens system that projects a silky-smooth graduated ball of light, ideal for use as a spotlight, or for highlighting specific parts of the scene. The S60Bi is perfect for CinematographersLighting Directors, as well as Photographers who want to emphasise specific parts of the scene or add mood to their imagery.


Max. Power: 60W
Colour Temperature:
Brightness @ 1m:
Flood (Central Area) 3,200lx Spot (Central Area) 40,000lx
Power Range:
0 - 100%
Zoom Range:
Beam Angle 6° - 55°
Power Supply:
AC 100V-240V (50/60Hz) 0.9A V-Mount Battery 14.8V (Optional)
Control Methods:
2.4GHx Wireless Remote, Godox Light Smartphone App, DMX console
Wireless Remote Range:
Approx. 50m
Number of Channels:
Number of Groups:
16 (A, B, C, D, E and F, 0-9)
Operation Temperature:
-10°C – 40°C
Light Dimensions:
264mm x 107mm x 100mm
Controller Box dimensions:
268mm x 113mm x 64mm
Light Body Net-weight:
Controller Box Net. Weight:
Accessory Mount:

Box Content:

3x S60Bi Light Heads
2x Wrench
3x Power Cables
3x connecting Cables
3x Controller Boxes
2x SA-30 Softboxes
1x SA-05 Scrim Set
1x SA-06 Iris Diaphragm
1xSA-07 Framing Shutters
3x SA08 Barn Doors
1x SA-09 Gobo Set
1x SA-10 Gobo holder
1x SA-11C Creative Colour Gel Set
1x SA-11T Colour Correction Gel Set
1x SA-P Projection Attachment (with 85mm Lens)
1x CB52 Carry Case
1x RC-A6 Remote Control
3x Light Stands
1x CB51 Carry Kit Case