Godox S30 Daylight-Balanced Focusable LED Light


The Godox S30 Focusable LED Light, is a 30W 5600K Daylight-Balanced light source that gives you the ability to continuously vary the beam angle anywhere between 6° and 55°. This enables you to either throw the light over a greater distance or to flood an area with light. This compact, lightweight LED light features an optical lens system that projects a silky-smooth graduated ball of light, ideal for use as a spotlight, or for highlighting specific parts of the scene. The S30 Focusable LED Light is perfect for Cinematographers, as well as Photographers who want to emphasise specific parts of the scene or to add mood to their imagery.


Colour Temperature:
5600K ± 150K
Brightness (In Spot Position):
11,300 Lux @ 1m (Central area)
Brightness (In Flood Position):
2,800 Lux @ 1m (Central area)
Power Range:
100% - 10% Power
Beam Angle:
6° - 55°
Operating Temperature:
-10°C - 50°C
Power Supply:
15V/4A DC Mains Adapter (30W) Sony N-PF Series (L-Series) Adapter (10W)
215mm x 108mm x 100mm
Net. Weight:
Accessory Mount:

Box Content

1x Godox S30 LED Light
1x Set of Barn Doors
1x Power Brick
1x Power Cable
1x Wrench
1x Sony NP-F Series Battery Adapter