GODOX AK-S01 Transparency Slide Set For AK-R21 Projector


The AK-S01 Transparency Slide Projector Photos Set for AK-R21 Projector from Godox is a set of 35mm transparencies that can be used in conjunction with the AK-R21 Projection System to project various imagespatterns, and light effects onto your subject or background. This gives you the ability to place your subject into virtually any setting you can think of, without leaving your studio. The AK-S01 Transparency Slide Kit contains 10 Transparency slides, designed to fit easily into the slide mounting frame that comes with the AK-R21 projector.  The Slide frame then inserts into the AK-R21 Projector, giving you access to a projection that can either serve as a backdrop or as a special effect for the photography.

Box Content:

10x Transparency Slides for the AK-R21 Projection System