Godox AK-R24 50mm Lens Optic For AK-R21 Projection Attachment


The AK-R24 50mm Projection Lenses Optic has been designed for use with the Godox AK-R21 Projection Lens System. This 50mm Lens optic inserts into the front of your AK-R21 projector, enabling you to achieve a projection over a wider area, compared to the 65mm lens that comes with the AK-R21 projector. Perfect for photographers working in small spaces, that don’t have the space the back the light up for more coverage. Lightsource. It features a high-quality lens, enabling it to produce super-sharp projections. The Perfect tool for Photographers who want to explore their creativity.


Focal Length: 50mm

Box Content:

1x AK-R24 50mm Lens Optic for AK-R21 Projection Adapter