GLOWPAD450D Slim-Profiled Bi-Colour LED Panel


The PIXAPRO GLOWPAD 450D is a large revolutionary 75W Bi-Colour LED light with a CRI of ≥95, designed for photographers, videographers, and makeup artists alike. The GLOWPAD 450D uses edge-lit led technology, where the LEDs are mounted around the edge of the light, facing towards the centre of the panel. The light is then reflected outwards, producing a beautifully even diffused quality of light. The GLOWPAD 450D mimics the effects of a softbox, but without the added bulk that a softbox can bring. The GLOWPAD 450D is designed for Photographers, Videographers and Makeup Artists alike. Thanks to the option to power with batteries it is suitable to be used on location making it great for Pet, Newborn, Weddings and Portrait Stills or Video.


Max. Output:
Colour Rendition Index:
Colour Temperature:
920 lux (1m) 3450 lux (0.5m)
Power Input:
15V DC 3A
Battery Plate:
2x Sony NP-F Series
Average Lifespan:
50,000 Hours
450mm x 55mm
Mount Standard:
5/8 inch
Battery Usage Time (NP-F750):
Approx. 40 mins (Requires 2x Batteries)
Battery Usage Time (NP-F970):
Approx. 75 mins (Requires 2x Batteries)

What’s In The Box

  • 1x PIXAPRO Glowpad GLOWPAD 450D LED Panel
  • 1x Mains Power Adapter
  • 1x Carry Bag