GF14B Eight-Leaf Barn Door For GF14 G-Mount Fresnel Lens


The GF14B Eight-Leaf Barndoor Lighting is designed for use with the Godox GF14 Godox Mount Fresnel Lens. These Barn Doors enable you to shape and control the direction and the spread of light. They can be used wide-open for maximum spread or closed to form a thin strip of light. This enables you to illuminate a specific area of the set. They can also be used to flag light, preventing you from getting lens flare. These Eight-Leaf Barn Doors are ideal for creating cinematic effects for your films or your photographs. Its eight-leaf design obstructs light from entering and provides you with greater control over your lighting.


Number of Leaves:
Designed for
: GODOX GF14 G-Mount Fresnel Lens

What’s In The Box:

1x GF14B Eight-Leaf Barn Door for Godox GF14 G-Mount Fresnel Lens