GF14 G-Mount Fresnel Focusing Lens For KNOWLED MG1200Bi


The GODOX GF14 Fresnel Lens (sometimes known as a Flooter) enables you to focus and amplify the effective output of your lighting by up to 19 times. The beam angle of the GF14 Fresnel lens can be adjusted, allowing you to either produce a small pool of light, or a wide flood of light, giving you access to a plethora of lighting options. The GF14 Is also great for throwing light over greater distances, making it a perfect accessory for use in larger film and theatrical productions. There are also detachable barn doors available for it (sold separately), designed to control the spill and direction of the light, maximising light control. The GF14 Fresnel lens is the perfect accessory for Cinematographersindependent Filmmakers, and theatrical productions, that need their lighting to be able to travel over long distances. The GF14 10" Fresnel Lens Focusing Adapter can also be used for still photography, especially for photographers working in commercial, advertising, and fashion photography.


Beam Angle Range:
15° - 45°
Working Temperature:
-10°C - 40°C
Lens Material:
471mm x 426mm x 235mm
Net. Weight:
Godox G-Mount

What’s In The Box:

1x GF14 Fresnel Lens