AK-R21 Projection Attachment Kit For Roundhead Flashes And Speedlites (AD200Pro AD100Pro LC30)


The AK-R21 Modifier Light Projection Photography for Roundhead Flashes and Speedlites will enable all these locations to become a reality. From magnificent landscapes to outer space scenes, from vintage-country-styled backdrops to dystopian cityscapes with a cyberpunk vibe. The AK-R21 Projection Attachment Kit is a projection lens system that enables you to project images from various transparency slides (sold separately) onto your subject or background to produce creative and cinematic effects in your photography.  The AK-R21 projection kit is designed for use with round-head flashes, such as the Pixapro GIO1 Speedlite (Godox V1 Speedlite), the CITI100Pro (Godox AD100pro), and the PIKA200 and PIKA200pro with the H200R Round head flash accessory. It is also compatible with the LC-30 Round Head LED light. It can also be used with traditional speedlites with the addition of the AK-R25 adapter ring (sold separately). The AK-R21 projector, along with the selection of transparency slides available will enable you to turn your wildest dreams into a reality. 


Modifier Type: Optical Snoot
Compatible with:
GIO1 Speedlite, CITI100Pro, PIKA200/PIKA200Pro with H200R Round Head
V1 Speedlite, AD100Pro, AD200/AD200Pro with H200R Round Head, Litemons LC30
Attachment Method:
H: 79mm x W:76mm x L:121mm (Open)
Net. Weight:

Box Content:

1x AK-R21 Projection Attachment
1x AK-R28 Round-Head Adapter
1x AK-R27 65mm Lens Optic
1x AK-R26 Slide Holder
2x Demo Slides
1x Storage Pouch