AK-R1 Pocket Accessory Kit For Round Flash Head Attachment


The GODOX ® AK-R1 Pocket Flash Photography Accessories Kit takes a variety of popular light modifiers usually associated with studio strobes and reduces them down to fit onto your, GODOX V1, GIO1 Speedlite, GODOX AD100PRO CITI100 Pro Pocket Strobe, or your PIKA200 PRO or GODOX AD200PRO with Round Head accessory. Each of the modifiers mounts to the aforementioned flashes, via a Magnetic Mounting System. This enables you to switch out modifiers quickly, easily, and securely, without having to mess around with cumbersome hook and loop straps or needing to check if you have securely clipped your modifier onto the unit. The AK-R1 Flash Photography Accessories Kit consists of a Diffuser Dome, Wide Angle-Diffuser, Bounce-card, Honeycomb grid, set of barn doors, Snoot and a gel holder with a selection of coloured gel filters.


Mount-Type: Magnetic Mount

Box Content:

1x Snoot
1x Honeycomb Grid
1x Bounce Card
1x Diffuser Dome
1x Set of Barn Doors
1x Gel Holder
4x Coloured Gels
1x Case