AD100PRO Ultra-Compact 100Ws Battery Powered Pocket Flash


The GODOX100 Pro(PixaproCITI100 Pro) pocket flash, is an ultra-compact, ultra-lightweight 100Ws Battery-Powered Off-Camera strobe which is small enough to put in your pocket. The AD100 Pro features full TTL and HSS support and is fully compatible with the GODOX X flash and trigger System.  Powered by a rechargeable Lithium-ion battery capable of delivering an impressive 360 full-powered shots per charge. With an ultra-fast recycling time of up to 1.5. The AD100 Pro is perfect for people who shoot weddings, portraits, events, fashion, sports, fitness & advertising. It is especially good for shooting on location due to the flash being easily portable.


Max Power:
Colour Temperature:
5800 ± 200K
Zoom Range:
28mm-85mm Manual Zoom Control (Wider with Round Head Accessory Kit)
Flash Duration:
Recycle Times:
0.01 – 1.5 Seconds
Power Range:
1/1 - 1/256 (1/3rd and 1/10th Stop Increments)
Power Source:
7.2V/2600mAh Battery (Same as GIO1)
Number of Flashes:
Approx. 360 Full Powered Flashes Per Charge
LED Modelling Bulb Output:
1.8w SMD LED – 10 Brightness Levels
Flash Delay:
0.01 – 30 seconds.
Flash Modes:
TTL (Canon, Nikon Sony, Olympus, Panasonic, Fujifilm, Pentax) / M / Multi
High Speed Sync:
Up to 1/8,000s
Second Curtain Sync:
Flash Exposure Bracketing / Flash Exposure Compensation:
Can be adjusted via the trigger
Stroboscopic Flash Mode:
Up to 90 times, 99Hz
Radio Frequency:
2.4GHz (Compatible with PIXAPRO One System)
Work Range:
100m Transmitter in Open Area
Channels (Radio):
5 (A/B/C/D/E)
Slave Modes:
Manual Slave Modes S1 & S2
Other Trigger Methods:
3.5mm Sync port, Wireless Control Port
Ø76mm x 120mm
Net. Weight:
542g (Including Battery)
Accessory Mount:
Magnetic Modifier

What’s In The Box

  • 1x AD100 Pro
  • 1x Stand Bracket
  • 1x USB Type-C Cable
  • 1x Battery
  • 1x Charger
  • 1x Carry Case