AD-S200 360° Stick Flash Head For PiXAPRO PIKA200/PIKA200Pro And Godox AD200/AD200Pro


The AD-S200 360° Stick Flashlight Head Photography is a part of the PiXAPRO PIKA200/200Pro’s, and the Godox AD200/AD200PRO’s ever-expanding roster of innovative and creative flash head accessories. The AD-S200 flash Stick, features a cylindrical design, with a transparent 360° flash tube. This allows the flash to emit light in all, directions, producing even lighting, with very little light fall-off.  Due to its compact and slim profile, the AD-S200 flash head can be put into tight spaces that are either impractical or impossible to get a regular flash head with modifier into, and still have the ability to illuminate the entire space. The AD-S200 also comes with a set of barn doors, which enable you to control the spread of light, for times when full 360° illumination is not required or is undesirable. Perfect for Fashion, Beauty, Portrait and lifestyle photographers, as well as interior or architectural photographers. 


Flash Power: 200Ws
Flash Colour Temperature:
Dimensions (excluding the power cable and including the barndoor):
652mm x 210mm x 60mm
Net. Weight:

Box Content:

1x AD-S200 Flash head
1x Barn Doors
1x Carry Bag