65cm Quick-Install Foldable Diffuser Sphere & Softbox


The PIXAPRO 2in1 65cm Quick-Install Portable Diffuser Balls & Softbox (Collapsible Lantern Softbox CS-65D) provides some of the most natural and even lighting in portraiture. It produces soft, omnidirectional lighting which will give your images a very natural look to them. This spherical lantern is perfect for creating soft and even light that spreads in all directions, whether in a small space or a larger scene. The Diffuser Ball comes with a 360° beam angle, the light is ideal for video recording, live streaming and filmmaking. Since the PIXAPRO 65cm Diffuser Ball throws light out in all directions, it is ideal for illuminating interiors and makes a great soft on-axis fill light for portrait photography. The omnidirectional lighting pattern lights a room, architecture, or commercial set, suitable for interior photography, furniture, filmmaking etc.


Diameter: 65cm
Translucent White

What’s In The Box:

1x Diffuser Ball
1x Speedring