30x140cm (11.8"X55.1") Quick Installation Strip Umbrella Softbox With 4cm Grid


The 30x140cm Quick Setup Softbox Strip Shape is an easy-to-use modifier which attaches to the front of your light, flash or strobe, to help reduce the spread and light intensity without sacrificing the softness. This softbox features an easy open mechanism which allows it to be setup with easy, great for on location. The reflective interior helps maximise light efficiency all whilst providing a natural looking non-artificial light. The 30x140cm Quick Installation Strip Umbrella is considered the workhorse to a photographer’s equipment arsenal, great for almost any shooting situation whether you shoot still life, portrait, landscape, commercial, fashion, food, product, or macro photography.


Softbox Dimensions: 30x140cm
Length When Folded:
50.5cm (Without Mounting Ring)
Interchangeable Fitting

Box Content:

1x 30x140cm Softbox
1x Inner Diffuser
1x Outer Diffuser
1x Honeycomb Grid
1x Speedring
1x Carry Bag