2500x3800mm C1 Grey-Texture Fabric Skin For The EASIFRAME Curved Portable Cyclorama System


The EasiFrame C1 Grey Texture 2.5m x 3.8m Fabric skin, is designed for use with the Easiframe Curved Portable Infinity Cove cyclorama backdrop system. Made from a durable crease-resistant fabric the EasiFrame Fabric Skins produce a beautifully seamless, crease-free backdrop for use in your photographic can videographic projects. When used together with the EasifFrame Aluminium Frame (available separately) you can turn virtually any location into a professional studio in as little as 20 minutes. The Easiframe Fabric Skin Features Silicone-Edging enabling it to be snuggly inserted into the Easiframe system’s main Aluminium frame (Sold Separately). The Grey-Textured pattern printed on the fabric makes it perfect for both photography and video applications. It is also great for shooting families, commercial fashion, as well as beauty, and jewellery campaigns.


Size: 2.5m x 3.8m
Net. Weight:
Grey Texture

Box Content:

1x Easiframe 2.5m x 3.8m Silocone-Edged Fabric