(240x240cm) 94.4x94.4" Butterfly Overhead Diffuser With Aluminium Frame


The PIXAPRO 94.4x94.4" Butterfly Overhead Diffuser with Aluminium Frame is the perfect solution for shooting on location in the harsh midday sun. The 240x240cm Butterfly Overhead Diffuser helps to eliminate harsh shadows, as well as reduce specular highlights, making it easier for you to capture the perfect images, without fear of blowing out your highlights or clipping your shadows. It is the perfect tool for shooting large products and groups enabling you to get beautiful gradations of light across your subject when used in conjunction with studio lighting.


Frame Dimensions: 240cm x 240cm
Scrim Dimensions:
224cm x 224cm
Translucent White
Stops of Diffusion:

Box Content:

1x Aluminium Frame
22x Butterfly Bungee Cords
1x Translucent White Fabric