240cm Studio Retractable Light Stand Adjustable 4 Tier Extension


The PIXAPRO 240cm Studio Retractable Light Stand Adjustable 4 Tier Extension features a unique Self-Collapsing Leg feature that allows you to set the stand up in next to no time. Simply pick the stand up, and the stand-legs will automatically collapse down, making moving around with your stand quicker, easier, and safer. Once you have moved your stand into the desired position, simply set the stand down, and the legs will automatically open back up, saving you precious time. It is the perfect addition to the arsenal of any photographer who needs to mount their equipment securely and effortlessly. With its lightweight aluminium alloy construction, the 240cm retractable stand is strong, yet lightweight, making it perfect for use with Smaller light modifier combinations, such as Speedlites, or small flash heads such as the PIKA200 and CITI300pro or CITI100pro with small modifiers. Whether you are shooting in a studio or on location, this 240cm Studio Light Stand is the perfect tool for any portrait, beauty, product, fashion, event, wedding photographer or videographer.


Min. Height: 74cm
Folded Length:
79cm (With Spigot to one side)
Max. Height:
Max. Footprint Diameter:
Max. Load Capacity:
Tube Diameter:
Leg Diameter:
Net. Weight: