20" C-Stand With Detachable Turtle Base Grip & Arm Set


The C-stand (or Century Stand), is a special robust, heavy-duty type of light stand that is widely used in both the filmmaking and photography industries. Made from Stainless Steel, C-stands are capable of holding heavy lighting fixtures such as light banks, and strobes with large or heavy modifiers as well as other accessories such as scrims and flags, etc. C-Stands were originally used in the early days of cinema and were used to hold up large reflectors which reflected Sunlight to illuminate the set before the introduction of artificial lighting later.


Min. Height:
Max. Height:
Arm Length:
50.8cm (20 inches)
Tube Diameters:
35mm / 30mm / 25mm
Stand Material:
Stainless Steel
Chrome Finish
2.5" Grip Head, 5/8 Baby-Pin on Stand, 1/4" and 3/8" Spigot On Boom Arm

What’s In The Box

  • 1x Central Column
  • 1x Set of Legs
  • 1x 20 Inch Grip Arm
  • 2x Grip Heads