1x2.4m Reversible Black/White V-Flat Frame With Matte/Opaque Fabric


The Pixapro 1x2.4m Reversible Black/White V-Flat Reflector is a versatile light modifier, designed to give you maximum light control when shooting on-location or in the studio. Consisting of 2x 1x2.4m Aluminium frames bound together covered by an Opaque Matte reversible black/white material. This V-flat can either be used to absorb excess light preventing it from hitting your subject or reflect light onto your subject to fill in shadows. The Pixapro 1x2.4m V-Flats are great for Commercial, Fashion, Beauty, Portrait and Products photographer, who want the ultimate light control tool.


Dimensions (When Folded): 100x240cm
Dimensions (When Fully Open):
Frame Material:

Box Content:

2x V-Flat Frames
2x Connectors
4x Legs
2x Reversible V-Flat Fabric
1x Drawstring Pouch for Fabric
1x Carry Bag