105cm (41") 16-Sided Easy-Open Rice Bowl Parabolic Softbox With White Interior


The PIXAPRO 105cm (41”) 16-rod Easy-Open Rice Bowl Parabolic Octabox with White Interior, is a convenient, easy-to-use light modifier, which can be used as either a traditional softbox or as a collapsible beauty dish. The softbox mounts to the front of your studio flash strobe, or your studio LED COB light, to produce soft, yet focused lighting, without sacrificing too much intensity. This softbox features an umbrella-like easy-open mechanism, which enables it to be set up and ready for use in a few seconds, perfect for use on location or in the studio. It features a white interior, to minimise specular highlights, whilst producing natural-looking lighting, with pleasing fall-off. This 105cm Rice Bowl Parabolic Softbox is considered a workhorse among many working Wedding, Portrait, Lifestyle, Commercial, Beauty, Fashion, Food, Product, and macro photographers.


Softbox Diameter: 105cm
Hexadecagon (16 Sided)
Interior colour:
Layers of Diffusion:
Interchangeable Fitting

What’s In The Box:

1x Softbox
1/1x Inner/Outer Diffuser
1x Honeycomb Grid
1x Deflector Dish
1x Speedring
1x Carry Bag